Comprehensive Site Care and Maintenance

SitePlan is what keeps your website running smoothly 24/7. For a monthly rate, you get friendly customer service, technical support, reliable website hosting, SSL (https) encryption, daily backups, virus and spam protection, necessary updates to the RealAgentHub CMS and more.

SitePlan CORE

SitePlan PLUS



10% Off if Paid Annually

SitePlan CORE Includes:

Up to 30 Minutes of Creative and Development Updates per Month

All Monthly Updates,  Customer Service, Technical Support, Website Hosting, Email Hosting and Security Features Listed Below

*Does not include a subscription to IDX Broker.



10% Off if Paid Annually

SitePlan PLUS Includes:

Includes Subscription to IDX Broker for MLS-Powered Results

Up to 2 Hours of Creative and Development Updates per Month

All Monthly Updates,  Customer Service, Technical Support, Website Hosting, Email Hosting and Security Features Listed Below

SitePlan is Required for a Minimum of One Year

This first year, it’s important for us to maintain control via hosting so we can trouble shoot any issues that may arise quickly.

Staying with RealAgentHub SitePlan means you’ll have exclusive access to any upgrades, improvements, and opportunities to purchase increased functionality for your site. But if you want to move to different hosting after the first year, that’s no problem at all. We will provide you with a downloadable version of your site so it can be taken to a host of your choosing.

Complete SitePlan Feature List

SitePlan is reliable, safe, secure and future-proofs your site for years to come.

creativeresourceMonthly Updates

Creative & Development Updates

Both SitePlan packages include a specific amount of time for updates per month performed by RealAgentHub’s design or development teams.  Additional update requests after the allocated time is available, are charged at our regular hourly rate.

So what is considered an ‘update’? An update is a support request to make a change on your website like adding a page, inserting an image, or an event.  An error or bug request is when you ask us to fix a that is broken on the site and are handled without reducing your bank of update hours.

Although you have complete access to manage your site, the RealAgentHub team is always available to help enhance or manage your site.

Creative Update Examples
  • Creating New Homepage Features
  • Creating Online Graphics to Support an Event
Development Update Examples
  • Adding a New Page
  • Changing the Navigation of Your Site

RealAgentHub Toolset Updates

The RealAgentHub Development Team is constantly creating enhancements and new features.  As a RealAgentHub SitePlan member, you will receive all of these improvements for free.  Updates to RealAgentHub are performed monthly, and won’t interfere with your site performance.

CMS Updates

Our platform is always evolving, so it is important that the core of each RealAgentHub site is kept up to date with the latest patches and fixes to ensure your site is always secure and running smoothly.  These updates are performed monthly, and will never interrupt your site’s up time.

Hours expire at the end of each month, and can’t be carried over. Development updates requests may be restricted based on changes that would affect the operations of RealAgentHub.

siteplanphotos-csCustomer Service

We’re available from 9am to 5pm CST on Monday to Friday via support system, phone and email.  You will always reach a friendly, professional customer service expert.  Our team will quickly connect you to the right department (sales, support, billing, design, etc.) or answer your questions to help you get on with your day.

If run into an emergency with your site, whether it is after hours or not, we will escalate your request, and quickly respond.  We want you to have peace of mind when choosing RealAgentHub and SitePlan.

siteplanphotos-techTechnical Support

Unlimited technical support await from the team that built your website from the ground up!

We believe in building websites perfectly from the get go, which helps to minimize problems later down the line.  But our motto is expect the unexpected.  With SitePlan, we’re here to help when the unexpected happens.


Website Hosting


Media Hosting for Video and Audio Files
Up to 50GB per account.
Additional storage available.

Daily Backups

Fast Loading Speeds

Internally Cache Pages for Extra Speed

Content Delivery Network Available

Hosting that Excels

Our hosting speeds are lightning fast, with tight security and excellent site support. Backups are created daily, making site recovery a snap. The backbone of our hosting service is optimized specifically to suit our RealAgentHub Toolset.


With up time rates of 99%, our hosting is not only fast, it is reliable. Count on your site always being accessible.

Daily Backups

Your site is backed up daily, and with our one-button restore functionality, it is a snap to reinstate a previous site version.



siteplanphotos-lockSecurity & Protection

At RealAgentHub, we have adopted a series of security best practices to keep your data and site safe.

SSL Comes Standard with Every RealAgentHub Site

Every RealAgentHub site comes with an SSL certificate installed, providing a layer of protection intended for money transactions.  Our sites come standard with this layer, keeping everything from your registrations to prayers requests to pastoral care requests from prying eyes.

Bullet Proof Security Measures

RealAgentHub sites are scanned regularly for malware and other malicious programs.  In the event that your site is infected, it will be immediately cleaned and resolved.

Strong Password Enforcement

Create complex passwords. It’s one of the best things you can do as far as web security. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients use strong passwords.

Limited Login Attempts

Brute force attacks are some of the most common ways that attackers gain access to a WordPress site. We protect against this both at the site and server level; multiple failed attempts means malicious users can never get inside.

Intelligent IP Blocking

Intelligent IP blocking on our security systems detects intruders and blocks them across all RealAgentHub sites within seconds. So your site’s protected from hackers before they even try to attack your site.