As a real estate agent, you know just how important strong lead generation is to your business. Anything from a phone number, email address, and yes, in today’s age even a social media account, means you’ve got the opportunity to gain another client.

However, as you probably very well know, the work doesn’t stop there. Capturing leads means nothing if you don’t have the proper system in place to manage those leads. Having a phone number or email address is useless if you don’t know how to be there for your lead at the right time, with the right message and through the right medium.

That’s why it’s important to pair your lead capturing efforts with a proper marketing automation system. Consistently bringing in new leads, maintaining your current ones and improving your online experience is a full time job, and it’s not a luxury all real estate agents have. With the help of a proper marketing automation system, you can keep your business competitive in the real estate industry without spending all your time doing it.

A proper real estate marketing automation system should help you capture and nurture strong leads in five ways:

1. Your Website

Your business’ website is arguably the largest contributor to capturing leads. According to the NAR, before contacting a real estate agent, 90% of consumers turn to the web to research for homes first. That means your real estate website has the opportunity to turn site visits into leads with just a click, but you’d need a website that will work for you. A proper marketing automation system will have powerful tools that create targeted forums and popups that induce users on your site to leave behind a contact information, thus capturing leads.

2. Instant Notifications


Reaching out to a lead at the right time is essential to converting them into clients. As a result, you need a marketing automation system that will notify you of hot new leads as you receive them, giving you the opportunity to follow-up immediately. Proper marketing automation systems will allow you to choose your preferred form of notification – email or text alerts – and will automatically send you an alert whenever your website has captured a new lead.

3. Predefined Messages for Lead Follow-Ups

If your website is working hard for you, your email will be filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of hot new leads you’ve received! While that may be exciting at first, it can also feel overwhelming, as now you have hundreds of leads you need to follow up with in order to actually convert them. However, if you’ve invested in a strong marketing automation system, the work load will be much lighter. A proper marketing automation system will host several predefined messages you can choose from and automatically send to hot new leads. That means your system is capturing leads, notifying you of leads, and following up with leads all by itself!  

4. Communicating with Your Leads

While automatic messages are great for capturing and following up with leads, sometimes you need more of a connection with your leads to actually convert them. That’s where text alerts and email campaigns come handy! As a real estate agent, you need a marketing automation system that will send valuable information about your business to your leads, either via email marketing or text alerts.

For example, if you’ve just listed a new home, you can send a mass text to your leads with a link on how they can schedule a visit. Of if you’ve just published a blog post that would be relevant to your leads, you can send a mass email with a link on where they can read the full post. Keeping an open line of communication with your leads is important as it allows you to showcase your business and the valuable information you can provide clients with on a regular basis. So when one of your leads needs a real estate agent, or when one of your lead’s coworkers needs a real estate agent, they remember you.  

5. Online Chat


If you’re looking to not only nurture your leads, but also enhance your website’s user experience and be there for your leads in their moment of need, then you need a marketing automation system that provides online chat services. In a time where users want instant gratification, it’s becoming essential for real estate agents to be accessible to their leads. Installing a chat feature on your website can make a huge difference in converting a site visits to a lead and then to a client. Providing users with an immediately way of getting in touch with you increases the chance of communication between users, and causes users to voluntarily engage with your brand. When a user voluntarily engages with your brand and business, you’ve built a connection with the user and thus the opportunity to convert them increases.

As you can see, a strong marketing automation system that works for you can be vastly beneficial to your real estate website. It can help you do everything from turning site visits into leads, automatically follow up with leads and open up communication between you and your leads.

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