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Introducing the RealAgentHub Early Adopter Program

Join Our Early Adopter Program and Save $300 on the Launch of Your New Site. Sign up today, and you'll only pay $699 for your new site, and the first 3 months of service. Your new site will launch within 2 months of signing up, and you will have access to the full range features [...]

5 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Right Away

More than ever, real estate agents have access to a host of digital tools designed to help them attract and retain new members. Knowing how to use these tools and then incorporate them into a marketing plan can set you up for great success. 1. What Makes You Unique Every agency ultimately has something that [...]

Add Videos to Your Profile

Easily Insert Videos in Your Profile Add videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or a custom source to your profile.  Simply select your preferred source, insert the ID according the examples, and save.

Working with the Image Rotator Tab

Add Featured Images to Bring Your Profile to Life Using the row creator, add a row, and begin to fill out each field.  Each row can be rearranged by clicking and dragging on the number.  Also, using the plus/minus buttons on the right will allow you to add or subtract rows. Title: If you choose [...]

Working with the Contact Details Tab

Contact Details Tab This tab contains all of the pertinent contact information for your ministry, including social media links, your address and phone numbers, as well as an interactive map of your ministry location. Add Your Social Media Properties Use the row creator to add a row, title your social media property (use standard names [...]

Working with the Minister Details Tab

Minister Details Tab This tab allows you to add an image and bio of your senior minister, as well as any additional notes on your ministry. Minister Image For best results, the image should be a square, no smaller than 300 x 300 pixels. Minister Bio Insert your minister's bio.  The editing tools are the same as what [...]

Begin Your Ministry Profile

Become Familiar with the Admin Bar Once you have logged in, you will see a bar at the top of your browser.  This is the admin bar, and will allow you to jump between the public view of your profile and the admin view. Click edit my profile to enter the admin view. Scroll down [...]